Expect to gain some ideas on how to make your space more useable/comfortable and clarity to move towards the right direction.

We hear your vision, clarify your tastes, assess your space, and provide clear, actionable steps for you to take to turn your vision into reality.

We will help you decide what interior finishes, color schemes, small details, and furniture arrangements that can be added or changed to achieve the experience you want from your home.


Timeframe: 1.5 hrs

1- Book a phone call

2- Book a consultation

3- Take our Design Assessment Quiz



Expect to have your vision brought to reality.

Identify, collect, and implement new ideas and items to create the atmosphere you are searching for. Together we select the right furniture pieces, color schemes and arrangements to improve and maximize your space and give your home an updated look.


Base Design Price: Per Quotation 

Timeline: 6 to 10 weeks*

1- Book a consultation 

2- 1st half of payment 

3- Design process begins 

*Timeline varies for custom pieces.



Expect a concierge design experience with weekly updates and support with keeping the project on time and within budget.  

From helping you visualize what you want for the end result, to fine tuning, finding, and implementing the materials and services needed to make that vision a reality, we’ll take care of it for you.

We will take care of bids from contractors, purchases, deliveries, custom design and project management.


Full design price: Per quotation 

Timeline: 6 to 12 months

1- Book a job site meeting

2- Find out if we are a match to work together

3- Contract signing

4- Retainer fee ($1,250)

5- Project begins